Benefits of using glassware

The Benefits of using Glassware for Smoking Cannabis: Glass is one of the best and the most used materials used in the production of smoking devices for cannabis. Glass makes for a healthier option of smoking as it maintains the purity of the cannabis smoke. It is perfect for smoking flowers and concentrates. The main reason being that glassware is fresh and clean, making it any stoners preference for smoking their cannabis.

Glass pipes can vary in size from a simple small hand-held piece to large elaborate unique pieces of artistry. Glassware comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Glassblowers often mix in colors, adding to their artistic flair and coming up with some wild and amazing patterns.

Glassware provide a better smoke and the fact is that glass is an essential part of the smoking experience. Whether you are a newbie just dabbling in the marijuana world, an experienced stoner, or an old hippy from the 70’s; the smokers all agree.

Besides the style factor to using a piece of glassware to smoke cannabis the added bonus is that when clean glassware is heated, the only thing that can happen is that it becomes hotter. It does not start to smoke, vaporize, cause any toxic fumes, emit odours or flavours.

Other smoking apparatus like metal, wood, or plastic can contaminate the cannabis smoke by changing its taste and odour, as well as producing toxic fumes in to the smoke.

Glassware is easy to clean and many pieces such as bongs that allow appendages to further enhance your enjoyment of smoking. You can add a larger cone piece that allows for more flower to be smoked at a time. An extra chamber can be added to make the bong smoke even cooler and cleaner.

Glass is used to make a variety of cannabis smoking devices. The main types of glassware available today include ...


Glass Bongs

Bongs are a water pipe and a big favourite for many due to it producing a much smoother, cooler, and better-tasting smoke. A bong includes a water chamber, the water cools the smoke and filters out heavy particulates as the smoke bubbles through the chamber. You should only use cold water to fill a bong before smoking. For a nice chilled rip add some ice cubes! Mmmm Nice!

Dab Rigs 

Dab rigs are designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates at higher temperatures than those for smoking flower. Like a bong, a dab rig uses a water filtration system. Once the desired temperature is reached in the heated chamber, the concentrate is dabbed and filtered through the water before consumption. Instead of a bowl, a dab rig consists of a nail or banger that is also made from glass. These can also be made from titanium or quartz.

Spoon Pipes 

Spoons are a simple design and are used widely by smokers. A bowl at one end being spoon-shaped which is where your cannabis is packed into. The body of the pipe extends away from the bowl to the mouthpiece. The smoke travels from the spoon into the length of the pipe via a small hole that is in the bottom of the bowl. Next to the bowl is a carburetor (or carb for short), this is basically known as a shotty hole. The air flow in the pipe is easily controlled by placing your finger on the carb, covering and uncovering it.

Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are a portable water pipe that are basically a mix between a pipe and a small bong. Similar to the bong, bubblers feature a bowl, mouthpiece, stem, and a chamber that holds water for the smoke to travel through allowing the smoke to become cooled. Bubblers allow for smoother hits, and there are various types available. Some bubblers feature a percolator, this is an additional water chamber to assist the cooling process even more. Some bubblers also have a carb hole for that faster and cleaner clearing of smoke.

Glass Chillums 

Glass chillums are a small cone shaped glass pipe with an end-to-end channel. They do not have any carb hole to regulate air flow to the mouthpiece. You simply pack one end of the chillum with cannabis, light it, and inhale lightly to draw the smoke without sucking any ashes into your mouth. Chillums are usually cheap to buy and some of its benefits over other glassware is that they are discreet, as well as easy to pack and to clean. They are great for group sessions and perfect for smoking roaches. You can stick the end of your roach into your chillum or just smoke the entire joint that way!


Steamrollers basically look like an extra-large chillum offering the smoker much larger hits than most pipes. The idea of using a steamroller is to get a huge hit of cannabis smoke, and ultimately an instant high. You do this by filling the pipe with lots of smoke and then inhaling it all at once. Most pipes the carb is near to the side of the bowl, and the bowl is at the end of the stem. Steamrollers are designed completely different with the bowl further up the stem and a large carb hole at the very end of the pipe.

Stay safe and stay blazed!

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