Choosing your glassware

Choosing the right piece of glass: Considering that your glassware is for recreational purposes, then shopping for a new piece of glassware should also be fun. These days the options are endless and you have quite a few things to consider when buying a pipe or bong. You don’t just go out and buy it based on price. There are so many overpriced glass pieces on the market today.

Remember: that your smoking glassware is a reflection of who you are. If you browse through our selection of precious 'hand-made' pieces, you’ll see that they are not only functional but also reasonably priced!

Smoking with glassware: Things to consider when buying new glassware

  • Usage
  • Thickness and quality
  • Shape and design
  • Cleaning and storing
  • Reputable source

Usage of your glassware

The best glass smoking apparatus are the ones that fulfill your own individual needs. Everybody is different and so are the type of glassware that you stoners use to smoke their weed. The same piece of glass doesn’t necessarily suit you, that suits your best friend, auntie or brother. So, you need to consider what works for other people isn’t always going to work for you.

Things to consider include…How often you plan on using your piece when participating in outdoor activities. If you are an adventurous person, then a small, thick, discreet glass piece is probably a good choice. Or, do you want something that will be used mostly in the privacy of your own home? If this sounds like you then a bigger pipe, a bong or bubbler may be the ideal piece.

The amount of smoking you participate in also plays a role in what piece of glassware is right for you. Are you a rare, occasional smoker that only needs a small amount? Or, are you a heavy or frequent smoker looking for huge rips?

Thickness and quality of glassware

It really doesn’t matter how careful a smoker you are, everybody will drop or bump their glass piece at some point in time. A thin piece of glass is obviously more likely to crack or smash than a thick one will.

You can buy a cheap mass produced glass pipe that's been 'made in China' but guarantee it won't last you long. A good piece of glassware should have a little bit of weight to it and therefor be able to stand up to it regularly being used.

Shape and design of your glassware

With online shopping and even in the stores, it’s not always possible to get the feel of glassware before buying it. Looking for a piece of glass with a ‘well thought out’ design with lovely smooth curves is more a fine piece of art in comparison to one looks cool and flashy with all it’s flair; as it may not be very functional.

Every pipe is as unique as you and me, so before buying one try to envision yourself smoking from it. Your own piece of glass is the heart of your smoking sessions, as well as your loyal and trusty companion; so, you will want a piece that speaks to you and calls out your name. You want the one that makes you happy, so you smile whenever you look at it and laugh every time you use it.

You want to enjoy your smoking experience so one of the main things you want to consider is how comfortable your glassware is to use. As well as an ergonomic designed piece that fits nicely in your hand, you should also consider where you leave it in between hits as well as storing it. For example, if you’re looking at buying a bubbler, is it weighty enough to sit on the coffee table without toppling over? Or, if it’s a pipe you’re after, does it have a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll away when you leave it on the table?

Other things to consider are the size of the bowl that you put your cannabis into, the shape of the mouth-piece, and also where the carb is positioned. It only takes a small flaw in your new glass to be turned off it, so if you think about these things before committing to a purchase, you can save yourself any disappointment.

Cleaning your glassware

If you want your smoking apparatus to work as efficiently as they did the first day you used it then you need to keep it clean. Cleaning your glassware is not difficult and ensures that you get the most from your cannabis smoke.

The design of the glass bowl will affect how hard or easy it is to clean. You may want to stay away from pieces that have tiny carbs, mouth-pieces, and/or holes in the bowl bottoms as it can be rather difficult and even impossible to clean any blockages you may have.

Even though there are plenty of liquid cleaning products available that you can use to clean your glassware, these can get expensive and still prove to be difficult to get into any nooks and crannies.

Please read my next blog, which is more about the cleaning and storing of your glassware.

Buy from a Reputable Source

Buying your glassware from a reputable source is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best glass for your cannabis smoking. If you have been recommended to us by someone that you know and trust, then you know what you are in for.

Precious Pouches are proud to offer to you a selection of high-quality glass pieces that have been hand-made with love by a fantastic glass blower. We stand behind the products we sell and of course we use these ourselves.

Browse our selection of Precious Glassware here.

Stay safe and stay blazed!

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