Taking care of your Glassware

We all know that a nice fresh and clean glass bong is a happy one! Clean glassware ensures you have an amazingly pure smoking experience, so it is essential to always use a clean piece of glass. Taking care of your glassware is important for keeping it hygienic and also for looking and smelling nice.

Not only is resin gunk harder to remove from your glass, but you might like to avoid inhaling the bacteria and mould that has grown in it into your lungs!

You should clean your glassware regularly, and we recommend that you do so after every cannabis smoking session. The bonus of you keeping your glass pieces clean is that you will always get a cleaner, smoother, and much better rip.

There are many different cleaning solutions and wipes that you can buy to use for cleaning your bong or pipe but these are really an unnecessary expense. You need to be careful what types of cleaners you put into your glass, and make sure there are no toxic residues left in them before using them.

One popular way of cleaning is using epsom salt and isopropyl alcohol, however this method of cleaning involves a lot of shaking the glassware in a plastic bag. Really? Who needs an arm ache?

Cleaning your glassware is easy enough to do by simply running it under the hot water tap. Of course, I have tried this but my favourite glass cleaner is soaking it in a ‘dental tablet’ solution! I actually have two identical pipes, so I always have one clean and ready to use (which is stored safely in my precious pouch); while the other one is left soaking until I put the next used one in to soak.

I have a container with a lid especially for this purpose (which is actually a plastic drink flask). I just fill it with warm water and drop a denture cleaning tablet into it and then leave a pipe soaking in it. When it’s time to alternate pipes, I take the soaked pipe out and run it under the tap, and then dry it off with a piece of paper towel, which also removes any loose ashes. I then put my freshly clean and dry pipe into my precious pouch and drop the used pipe in to the cleaning solution.

To be honest, I am not even sure how long the glass needs to soak as I do this just before I go to bed. So if you only have one piece or you’re in a hurry for a clean pipe, you’ll have to experiment with the timing yourself.

Another tip is when I started using the denture soak I was changing the water and putting a new tablet in each time. This is absolutely fine to do and although denture tablets are not expensive, I decided to reuse the same solution. It still cleans just as good and lasts for quite some time. Depending on how frequently you soak and how dirty your glass will depend on how often you will need a change of water and tablet. You will know when it starts to look gunky and needs changing.

So, as you have just read, it’s really not difficult to keep your glassware clean and ready for the next time you want to use it and get it dirty again! If you use the method above it takes around one minute to achieve!

Another especially important thing for taking care of your precious glassware is to store it safely and help stop any accidental breakages when not in use. Obviously, that’s what our Precious Pouches are for.

When you are out and about, transporting bare glass is not ideal. Your glass is your precious baby and a precious pouch will protect it, acting as a 'baby blanket' for your precious glass piece when you are moving it from place to place.

For another level of security storing your precious pouch somewhere safe and keeping it away from other things that are used regularly to avoid frequent movement around your precious glassware. 

Stay safe and stay blazed!

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