About Us


Welcome to Precious Pouches. We are Cate and Neen and we met in high school and soon became good friends and still are over 40 years later!

We are based in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Our aim is to help you to protect your precious items and to get out and about enjoying the planet we live, whilst spreading some love and giving back to it.

We wanted to bring to you quality aesthetic products which can accompany you discreetly wherever you go while also making a difference. Our precious pouches were created to take with us on our days out to the beach or river, on party nights out with friends, and basically just to keep our things safe when not in use.

We needed something with protection, but not just any pouch, a padded pouch! We are currently designing more pouches and other beautiful products to bring to you in the near future.


We are inspired to give 10% of profits towards helping our favourite Australian charities; namely Dementia Australia, Cancer Council, and Animal Welfare League.


We will be donating 10% of every purchase to the above charities. This will be divided between them each on a quarterly basis.

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Precious Pouches - Hand Made with Love by Cate.