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Precious glass pipe showing base view - Precious Pouches
Precious glass pipe showing top view - Precious Pouches
Precious glass pipe showing the bowl - Precious Pouches
Precious glass pipe showing mouth piece - Precious Pouches
Precious glass pipe showing mouth end - Precious Pouches
Precious glass pipe showing bowl end - Precious Pouches

Precious Pipe

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    Introducing our Precious Pipe which is a favourite among thousands of smokers around the globe. This is our best seller, basically because the functionality and simplicity of this masterpiece is just amazing.

    The precious Pipe is by far the best pipe you will ever have the pleasure of smoking from. Incorporating so many great features along with the smoothest hit. You are going to love it!

    Each Precious pipe has been individually hand crafted to perfection and fits comfortably in your hand. It has a flared opening so it's easy to pack. It is recommended to lightly pack the bowl for total incineration. Yep, you read that right, don't be a guts ... pack it lightly!

    When you've finished enjoying your smoking session, and because you had packed the bowl lightly, the ashes will fall out easily. Simply rinse with boiling water and it's ready to go again tomorrow. Nothing like a nice clean pipe!

    Just below the bowl you will see there's an hour glass crafted in to the design - this helps to stop ash flashback. There is also two ends near the mouthpiece that stops ash flashback. Awesome! I mean who wants a mouthful of ash?

    Precious pipe has been designed with a slight bend to stop it from rolling, (that's if you can even put it down!) Oh yeah, and get this... it also has a flat mouthpiece for hands free smokin'.

    Our pipes have been individually hand made so each one will be slightly different to the one in our pictures. Precious pipe is 2.2mm thick and has been hand made from German Borosilicate Glass. It is approx. 8cm long, weighs around 19 grams, and fits perfectly inside the Small sized Precious Pouches.